New Developments in Sustainable Finance

“Accountants will save the world.” – Peter Bakker, former TNT leader, now director of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Money is the most powerful source of social and sustainable change. Sustainable finance is gaining momentum in Europe, both among investors and in policy. Sustainable assets under management in Europe have risen from 2.7 trillion euros (18% of total assets) in 2007 to 11.1 trillion euros (53%) in 2015 (Eurosif, 2016; GSIA, 2017). But in order to achieve the EU’s goals as agreed in Paris, including a 40% CO2 reduction by 2030, an investment deficit of around 180 billion euros per year will have to be bridged, according to the European Commission.

As a financial leader, how do you choose the right investment and what risks are acceptable at what cost? Is investing in ‘the right’ companies enough, or should every euro be spend on solving environmental and societal issues? What opportunities are still under-exploited, and what can we expect from the great financial leaders of The Netherlands in the coming years?

Banks, insurers and investors are already taking a closer look at their own portfolios. At the same time, The Netherlands is not yet ‘fit for Paris‘ and the Dutch government introduced ‘soft law’ for the market. This serves to the advantage of institutions to experiment, but it does not guarantee success. With new regulations being introduced by the European Commission and a finalized Climate Agreement the question rises: how do we proceed from here? As popular as the term sustainable finance may seem nowadays, are the actual investments meeting societal and environmental expectations?

During this NRC live conference we will be diving into the above questions with and for financial leaders of today.

What you’ll be taking home from our congestion-free program (11.00 – 15.30):

  • A full update on the latest developments in Sustainable Finance handed on a plate
  • Insight in the state of affairs in the Netherlands after the finalization of the Climate Agreement
  • Find out what other banks, insurers and investors are doing right now to make a difference
  • In-depth understanding of the best tools for impact measurement out there
  • Meet 150 + peers and pioniers from all sectors
  • Take-away lessons & solutions ready to implement in your own job

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  • Date November 28th
  • Time 10.30 - 15.30
  • Venue Amsterdam area (t.b.a.)
  • Language English
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  • Program manager Lotte Sluiter
  • Partnerships Eva Diepenbroek
  • Contact +31 20 755 39 21


Dirk Schoenmaker
Dirk Schoenmaker
Dirk Schoenmaker Professor Banking & Finance Erasmus School of Management
Herman Wijffels
Herman Wijffels
Herman Wijffels Economist
Piet Sprengers
Piet Sprengers
Piet Sprengers Head Sustainability ASN Bank
Program overview
Tijd Inhoud Spreker
What The Netherlands needs to do to become ‘fit for Paris’
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We’ll kick-off the day with the state of sustainable finance in The Netherlands anno 2019. Why are we not yet ‘fit for Paris’, and what should we be doing otherwise? Intertwined we’ll provide you with an introduction on the new EU regulations and the foreseen effects of the Climate Agreement. At the end of the day in the panel discussion there is room for thought and debate on the way forward.

Fokke & Sukke
Keynote | A framework for Sustainable Finance 3.0
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Sustainable investing: how to do it! Dirk Schoenmaker, an associate of Bruegel and Rotterdam School of Management, has been researching Sustainable Finance 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 for years. From profit maximization by avoiding tobacco industry-like organizations the 3.0 leaders invest in social and environmental challenges for which a so-called 'fair return' is sufficient. But what do the figures say about the amount of money invested in 3.0?

Schoenmaker developed a framework with indicators to determine how 'deep' sustainable investments really are. Various reports suggest that the amount of investments increases by 3.0, but empirical research shows otherwise. He presents a framework that offers a benchmark for sustainable finance.

The Whistleblower| Investing in high-risk areas
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Many parties are reluctant to invest in high-risk areas such as South-East Asia, which are likely to be hit hard by climate change. Risk analyses show that it is better to avoid such areas, despite the fact that these areas desperately need the investments for energy and infrastructure. How to go about these risks?

Fokke & Sukke
What investment funds are doing
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We are not prepared to deliver investment returns to customers at any cost to society,… AMP Capital has a long-term focus on responsible investing supported by an integrated approach to considering ESG factors across all asset classes.” - AMP Capital CEO Adam Tindall. 10 years ago Tindall spoke bravely about his investments. What are Dutch investments funds doing at his moment to secure their assets?

What insurers are doing |
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How do you deal with long term risks and investments as an insurer?

What private equity is doing | Conscious investing
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One third of the world's investment money is invested by privately. With sustainability on the rise a new type of investor is emerging: the so-called activist investor or conscious investor. Major investors such as Paul Singer, Barry Rosenstein and Carl Icahn set an international example. How can private equity funds put pressure on their money invested?

What banks are doing | Measuring biodiversity
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A framework for investing that takes into account the biodiversity loss, what should that look like and what exactly are you measuring? Started in The Netherlands as a pilot, this framework developed by ASN Bank will be released globally in New York at the International Climate Week! Piet Sprengers, Head of Sustainability at ASN Bank, will show and tell all there is to know about this framework and how to put it at use.

Panel Discussion
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We’ll top off our day with a panel discussion in which both panellist and the public participate. The topics will include:
- The role of the government and the use of soft law
- The effects of the Climate Agreement for sustainable finance
- CO2 tax - what are minimum conditions?
- New EU regulations, how will it affect The Netherlands and what will we do with it?
- The importance and implementation of an integrated approach, integrated measurement and integrated thinking.

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Recommendations & conclusion of the day

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Take aways

  • A full update on the latest developments in Sustainable Finance handed on a plate

  • Insight in the state of affairs in the Netherlands after the finalization of the Climate Agreement

  • Find out what other banks, insurers and investors are doing right now to make a difference

  • In-depth understanding of the best tools for impact measurement out there

  • Shared lessons of cases with solutions to start right away.

  • Meet 150 + peers and pioniers from all sectors

Who else will join?
  • 150+ attendees
  • C-level, C-1 and decision-makers
  • Representatives from the banking sector, pension funds, insurers and private equity
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